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Hello My Dear Ladies

      I would love to tell you a little story about how one of my categories I love my career from ME by Lenka came to life ... I love My Career is about and for Women who love to express themselves and want to say I LOVE WHAT I DO but I am a beautiful, intelligent, sexy and unique woman as well and I am proud of it. In my world, a picture is always worth a thousand words. I love word sexy, that word to me means more than just a cleavage or beautiful curves. To me, it is also knowledge, beauty, attitude, confidence, passion and much more. The sketches are symbols of Femininity and Career combined together.

     It all started with my personal experience. In my personal world, I was always criticized for being a plus size woman who likes to dress sexy. In my case, that means wearing body-hugging clothes, sometimes with showing off a little cleavage … that is who I am.    In my professional world, I was always hired because of my skills and talent but when my ideas were used I never got credit for it meanwhile I always got a compliment or comment on my look. There was never a day when I haven’t heard something about what I wear or how my hair got purple every now and then. It wasn't malicious or disrespectful but what bothered me was that they saw me only as a woman. They didn’t want to recognize me as a professional even though my ideas were always used. So, one day just because I love sarcasm; I decided to sketch a cartoon of myself as a sexy professional. Why? Because in my eyes that is who I am. I printed that image on the t-shirt just to make a point. Hoping that they would see me as a WOMAN & PROFESSIONAL at the same time since they never missed a day to comment on what I wear. Besides a woman with body-hugging clothes, I am also a talented professional with great skills and ideas; bringing a value to the company I work for. My goal with this Category is to express that we are WOMEN with all kind of careers and professions who like to feel sexy and beautiful because we are WOMEN 1st and We shouldn’t feel bad about it … Living in the 21st century You would think that we would learn from past by Now, but no. We have bigger problems to take care of in today’s world like World hunger, homelessness, global warming, depression, bullying and other major problems. It’s time to stop judging each other and judging ourselves. We need more LOVE, compassion, listening, learning and understanding and it needs to start with Loving ourselves first. I am not perfect and never will be nor do I want to be. What I want is to be the best I can Be and grow and learn every day. I don’t understand why we put so much pressure on what we should or shouldn’t wear, what is proper to wear and what is not proper. I always believed that as long as that person is providing excellent service in their profession I can care less if they have tattoos or green hair…I'm not suggesting that we all should run around naked because we feel like it but I believe some rules should be broken... images below are just photoshopped examples How You could match white t-shirts, with sketches of expressing who You are,  in everyday fashion...

Let's have fun together ... always with Love Lenka


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  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

    • mvtgprwltt
  • Hi, I love your art!!❤️ I’m looking for the t with the woman holding the “world” in her hand, I’d love to order it but it only shows up on your first page! When I click on it other styles come up instead, I’m also interested in anything that would be about real estate sales. Thanks for your works!, Mary

    • Mary