Hello my dear LADIES

I like to talk to you about my collection I LOVE MY Career or as I lately refer to it as WE ARE MORE than JUST OUR TITLES. This collection is very important to Me not only because of my own experience as a woman in the professional world but also because I have seen cyberbullying of other women and their careers. The saddest part of that is that it was mostly done by women. We can be so cruel to each other and I know WE CAN DO BETTER, that’s why I created Me by Lenka. To sprinkle some fun into our Lifes because we know it’s not easy to be a woman in today's world. My sketches are all about celebrating women and our beauty while expressing a pride in our careers. One of the main goals of Me by Lenka is to share with the world that KNOWLEDGE, EDUCATION, and  BEAUTIFUL WOMEN GOES HAND IN HAND. We all are beautiful in our unique way. We shouldn’t have to change who we are as women for our careers. I think it’s time to be seen as a WOMAN WITH A CAREER, instead of being seen as a WOMAN or as a TITLE. That being said does not mean that if you like to be nude all the time you should be nude all the time. I hope we all have that common sense. The message of I LOVE My Career is about pride of being a woman who happened to be an architect, nurse, teacher or any other careers out there. In my mind being a woman is OUR LIFE, being a teacher, nurse, architect, mom, lawyer and other titles is our CALLING in LIFE. We can ROCK at both worlds at the same time so DEAR WORLD there is no need to panic.  My intentions are pure and coming from my heart full of love, passion, and sense of humor. What I see in my sketches is attitude and pride of being a woman. Some people call it sexy beautiful some say it’s too sexy and inappropriate. Some of you might see a sexy nurse and some of you see a woman with an attitude who is proud of being a nurse and that makes her sexy. I love word SEXY and I ask you to understand that Sexy to Me represents women, beautiful curves, knowledge, education, power, being proud of who you are as a woman and being your own authority. I know it is not for everybody. It is ok to disagree on things. That’s what makes us different and unique. But instead of bullying each other, calling each other names, blocking or hating each other please let’s try to understand each other’s story or view. Let’s learn to love and respect each other without judgment or looking down on each other. WE CAN ALL AGREE TO DISAGREE WITH LOVE, NO HATE. Just because we don’t see eye to eye on some things doesn’t make one or the other person less or more worthy. Let’s learn to LOVE and appreciate our differences. Me by Lenka believes is that a WOMAN = strength but WOMEN = power, magic, miracles.

Let’s share who YOU are with the world and don’t forget with every purchase YOU make YOU are becoming a part of a beautiful journey of not only Loving yourself but helping other women feel beautiful once again.

10%from profit goes to savings towards creating a foundation Me BEAUTIFUL which will assist to pay for reconstructive surgeries for women in NEED. You can read more about it by clicking on this link https://mebylenka.com/pages/about-me-by-lenka

Ladies, if you like what I have to offer please I'll be more than happy if YOU join Me by Lenka on this journey of LOVE, PRIDE, FUN and most importantly on the journey of giving back...

ALWAYS W LOVE Me by Lenka (M.b.L.)

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